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Hidden Gems and Day Trips


Class room 2

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What we'll talk about

Have you ever wondered what hidden gems you might be missing in and outside of Leuven? Join a workshop with Nona from Vlaams Brabant Tourism to discover more about the incredible corners in and around Leuven.

Your host

Nona Heremans

Nona is a Belgian that works with Vlaams Brabant and helps to put together fun and interesting outings in and outside of Leuven. She has been working at the province since January this year. Before that, I was a (travel) journalist. She lived in Paraguay for a year, not as an expat but as an exchange student. So you can address her in Dutch, English, French or Spanish.

Nona Heremans
* There are no reservations, it's a first come first served event, so be there on time to avoid disappointment! 
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