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Looking for a job in line with your studies? Need fresh talent for your team? Our consultants at Randstad Leuven will find the right person for the job. And thanks to our partnership with the Student Career Center at KU Leuven we can place even more young professionals.

Whatever your ambitions, our bustling university city and nearby Hageland have countless jobs on offer. At the bakery just around the corner, as a high-tech specialist or at a branch of a global multinational. Together we will find just the job for you!

Our trusted consultants are familiar with every market. Every single day they find the right man or woman for jobs in a variety of sectors: industry, engineering, construction and transport. But they are just as knowledgeable about finance, the medical world or sales.

Regardless of your talent, speciality or experience: if you’re willing to put in the effort, we can find a job together that suits you to a T. Just for a while, or for your entire career. Want to keep your focus on your new job? Then leave the paperwork to us!

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