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Freelancing in Belgium
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About us

Freelancers in Belgium is a community of thousands of independents in Belgium where you can:
- Learn about starting and running a freelance business in Belgium.
- Connect with other freelancers in our active Facebook groups.
- Attend live and virtual events where we share tips and resources on running an independent business

When Jenny started out as a freelancer in Belgium she noticed there wasn’t much support for freelancers, especially not in English. A few years ago she started the Facebook group Freelancers in Belgium to ask questions, share knowledge and help her set up and run her own freelance business. It started attracting a lot of members and now it is a thriving and diverse community of one-person business owners from all over the world, but based in Belgium.

Now together with her business partner, fellow freelancer and business development expert Jean-François Bodart they run the not-for-profit Freelance Forward where together with the community supporters they are building an ecosystem and resource hub with content, service and product offers; and training events to help freelancers start and run their business.

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