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Navigating the Psychological Challenges of Expat Life


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What we'll talk about

In this interactive workshop, Larissa will help you understand the emotional aspects of the journey you’re on as an expat. No matter where you’re from, or what your context is, she will use her experience to help you map the way to a fulfilling expat experience.

Your host

Larissa Ernst

Since relocating to Belgium in 2017, Larissa Ernst has established a psychotherapy practice in Leuven, catering primarily to the international and expatriate community. In addition to face-to-face consultations, Larissa offers online therapy to clients around the world - many of who also deal with the challenges of being an expat. Specialising in adult individual, couples, and family therapy, Larissa has a keen focus on interpersonal communication and its effects on mental well-being. Experienced in facilitating amicable separations and divorces, Larissa prioritises the welfare of children involved. Through the years she developed deep experience specifically with how expat children integrate in the Belgian school system. She also has a vested interest in perinatal mental health, particularly in expatriate settings where support for new parents is often limited.

Larissa Ernst
* There are no reservations, it's a first come first served event, so be there on time to avoid disappointment! 
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