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Cultural Shock - Understanding Belgians


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What we'll talk about

This workshop is like a crash survival guide for foreigners currently living or planning to settle in Belgium. We are going to delve into the cultural aspects that can make or break your experience living abroad.

In this workshop you are going to gain invaluable insights into cultural differences and the profound influence they can wield in our lives, often referred to as 'culture shock.' By fostering awareness of these disparities, individuals can fast-track their journey to acceptance and comprehension, thereby enhancing their overall well-being during their sojourn in a foreign land.

Your host

Silvânia Carvalho

Meet Silvania Carvalho, a Brazilian with a passion for helping folks integrate into Belgian life. She's got a Master's degree in Translation Studies from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and has been calling Belgium home since 2009.

For the past eight years, she's been a teacher of Social Orientation classes in Portuguese, English, and Dutch for the Flemish Agency for Integration. Lately, she's taken on a new role, providing support to integration teachers in the Province of Flemish Brabant.

Silvânia Carvalho
* There are no reservations, it's a first come first served event, so be there on time to avoid disappointment! 
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