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Beginners Guide to Leuven


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What we'll talk about

Are you new in town and want to get an introduction to life as a new Leuvenaar?  Maybe you find the blue parking card a bit confusing? Or you're have trouble finding a tennis club? Want to join a Dutch conversation class? Wondering if the empty yoghurt pot goes in the blue or grey bag….. Worry no more, we're here to answer all these questions!

We'll start with a short presentation and afterwards you are free to ask all practical questions you might have regarding working, living and enjoying life in the Leuven region. 

This is an inperson edition of IHL's regular Welcome to Leuven Webinar.

Your host

Natalie De Filette

Natalie De Filette is the coordinator of the International House Leuven and the perfect person to know when you are feeling a little lost in your new home. A native Leuvenaar there's hardly a question about Leuven that Natalie doesn't know the answer to!

Natalie De Filette
* There are no reservations, it's a first come first served event, so be there on time to avoid disappointment! 
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