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To start living and working in a foreign country brings great challenges, for you and for your family. Such a transition hopefully brings a lot of new opportunities, but is possibly also a source of stress. For example, you don't know where to go with your questions, and you miss your support system in your home country. You may get caught up in the complex network of organizations and cultural customs in Belgium. This can also cause you to get stuck in your thoughts and feelings, resulting in emotional, relational and work-related difficulties.

We recognize the importance of having the opportunity to speak about these difficulties at work, in your family, or in your partner relationship in your own language, and with someone who has gone through the same transition. For this reason, The House for Psychotherapy has developed a special program in English, Spanish and Italian. Our organization combines the expertise of psychologists who have a proven track record in the Belgian and Leuven field of counselling and psychotherapy with lived experience regarding the process of living and working in a foreign country. Through systematically and close cooperation as a team, we aim to offer high quality psychotherapy with a scientific foundation. All of our psychologists-psychotherapists hold a master in clinical psychology and a specialization in one of the four recognized clinical training programs (psycho-analytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy, person-centered psychotherapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy). We offer psychotherapy for adult and adolescent individuals, as well as for couples and for families. In this way, we hope to achieve a psychotherapeutic approach tailored to the person seeking help and his or her context.

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